Having pleaded with her parents to let her dance Sandie started dancing at the tender age of six. At sixteen she left dance school having completed qualifications in Ballet, Modern and Tap at an advance level.

Sandies Mum was a professional musician with "The Ivy Benson Band" during the war which is where her musicality came from.

So at 16 having received her equity card, Sandies career was launched.

Sandie appeared in movies such as The One And Only Phyllis Dixey with Lesley-Ann Down, The Formula with Marlon Brando and George C. Scott and and a made for TV production titled Norbert Smith, a Life with Harry Enfield.

Sandie during her sparkling career also worked on many TV series such as Get it Together (Granada) The Laughter Show, The Main Attraction (BBC), 3,2,1 (Yorkshire), Live from her Majesties (LWT), the Mike Yarwood Series, she was Tommy Coopers last assistant when he tragically died on stage at Her Majesties Theatre. She also appeared in "A Tiller Girl" at the Congress Theater Eastborne. Sandie has backed Donny Osmond, Ertha Kitt, and played with stars such as the Two Ronnies, Barbara Windsor, Hale and Pace, Little and Large, Lenny Henry, and Jim Davidson too name but a few from and endless list of credits.

She performed in front of HRH Prince Charles in A Tribute to the Falklands.

In her glamorous career she has also found time to choreograph productions including Pop videos, hair shows and pantomimes. 



Sandie performed at Bob Hopes 80th birthday just before she found she was pregnant.

Sandie has one son Syd Hayes who followed in his dads footsteps and become a hair stylist and consequently works all over the world on fashion magazine shoots and styles the famous at fashion shows globally and is regularly in demand at the London, Paris and Milan Fashion shows following in his mums celebrity life style. 

With the arrival of Syd her dancing career drew to a close. Sandie then studied at the Univercity of East London where she qualified as a fitness instructor and personal trainer subsequently establishing her own business in Kew. Never to be left standing Sandie diversified and studied Beauty and Body therapy. 

The influences with her glittering career and her use of the language of dance led to the language of flowers, hence, choreography to Floriography.

Sandie uses her sparkling talents to create personal and creative floral designs that literally dance.... in a most floral way. She designs with a most decadent and opulent style.

All of Sandies work is based on private consultations. On meeting with Sandie you will soon appreciate how adept she is at listening and then visualising and creating your aspirations. She designs bespoke floral creations that are born out of her creativity and life experience that we are sure will meet with your every expectations.